Hope For Peace

old man and word peace

Hope For Peace

-Linda Lee Lyberg

Each night as I lay
Within my darkened quiet room
I fervently recite and pray
That this hate will end soon.

I go to sleep dreaming
Of a more peaceful world
And I awake to the screaming
Of hateful words hurled.


Tears spill as I watch the news
The parade of abomination and greed
Why can’t we respect each other’s views
Without making our brothers bleed?


One of the single most heinous acts
In the history of our modern world
An entire faith and culture attacked
As the venom of a Nazi flag unfurled.


Is this what we’ve come to
This greatest nation on earth
Casting words of hate that we spew
Is this our true value and worth?


The world is looking at us now
And shaking their weary heads
For we are a nation that once vowed
Give me liberty or give me death.


Does anyone really understand
How we got to this terrible place
Once, a nation that offered a hand
Is now consumed with race.


No matter what are our colors
We all have our evil and good
It’s time to stop, sisters and brothers
And love all as we truly should.
Linda Lee Lyberg

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