I take a pause

Yassy in Poetry


I take a pause
breathing in the chorus 
of nature's movement

I walk into the green of arching trees and twining brambles, 
my breath toasted by the delicate scents of hidden flowers.
Shadows whirl against swirling treetops..glowing

a golden roam guides
my steps..i sit in
a slow sunset

Birds twitter into nectar misted dew warmed by sunbeams on the 
bosom of fuschias, geraniums, marigolds and dahlias. Pungent odors
from the soil strike air...,lingering..tracing heat.

birds whistle into
the air...a sigh
breaks from my lips

Late beam of the sun touches my shoulder...soft winds croon me to 
slumber..night vanishes..silent dreams reel into morning calm
awaking release of falling stars...

dawn undresses
my dreams
spilling her

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