Martin, Meditative- Aurora Phoenix, Guest Barista

stroll with me

this muggy eve

you with whom

I disagree

on matters near

and dear to me

amble among

trees and tourists

you with whom

I also see

eye to eye

fair frequently

inhale burbles

bubbling peace

wrung splashing

from suffocating

dense humidity

peruse with me

strangers and friends

chips of soul

granite engraved

bestowing forward

solid equanimity

gather with me

between mosquitoes and stars

bites of wisdom

raised under our skin

twinkling audacity



life weighted hearts

carry with me

you whom I touch

and those forever

beyond my reach

dust of ages

sweat hewn

carelessly strewn

accumulated acumen

pulpit proclaimed

nib-scratched in letter

from Birmingham jail

Aurora Phoenix blogs at Insights from “Inside”

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