‘Rewind Poetry:’ Free Verse – “Rise Up” #amwriting #poetry #GoDogGoCafe 

Some poetry for you today. Cheers! 


Credit: Johannes Plenio via Unsplash


When the notes begin to trill, 

Hum along as you wake in the night. 

Sing the tune of the chorus, 

In whispers with your husky voice as it arises. 

Power in lyrics, of the might of the crescendo, 

A slow and melodious birth to words of courage. 

The sounds of silence lowly rising as the tide, 
A gentle splashing, never hiding, but arising. 
In a meaningful nameless praise, 

So pick up the pace, sing the entire melody.
Hear a child’s vocals raised in anthem sweet,  

Dolce as the hum of voices praising, 

Begins its thrall of music felt in hearts full, 
And deep down low in your belly. 

Something’s gonna rise up, rise up, 

All earth is gonna rise up, rise up. 

Words that make the most stoic cry. 

Lyrical phrases, as the chords play, 

Voices of a heavenly chorus rising up with the day. 

Sending out the call to one another, a shared harmony. 

Alto, Tenor, Bass, then the Soprano’s join with —

The astounding voice of a child.
The piece comes together now, can you feel it rising? 

It gives me shivers this smooth singing, 

Shivers and goose bumps, my pulse pounding. 

To be apart of the harmony, 
The breathless song of such talent, 

Unheard before but in ages past. 

On a cold, and moonless night, 

Bringing light to Evening, 

Through hallowed voices sweet in the darkness.

A capella gently then, bass voices begins to tremble, 

Delighted melodies spread through the wind and trees. 

Such a sonorous song brings us to our knees. 

Put out the call, put out the call, everyone’s going to rise up, 

Power of music beyond all bounds. 

Gathering and growing, as silent tears ripple —
Out of  a lonely man’s eyes;

He’s standing outside hearing, 

An angelic chorus rising strong. 

He sings along in tenor praising earth’s majesty, 

Dreaming of Heaven’s delights, winged Angels in flight. 
Put out the call, put out the call, it’s time to spread the tune;
Sound surrounds in blessed harmony, 

And tears continue to flow, raindrops of Manna. 
Raise the living and the dead with this song we sing, 

Somethings going to rise up, rise up, 

Dead bones are gonna rise up, hear the majestic melody, 

Hear until it’s nearly dawn, 

And the sounds of a million voices, 

Commingle in Heaven and earth.  
The voices fade minutely, 

We can hear are lungs shuddering breath, 

Our experience amazing and exhausting. 

Tears and sighs as voices become ever quiet. 
Something’s going to rise up, rise up. 

Returning to dolce, the mournful sound of the child’s voice, 

The last note of beauty to be sung.
Something’s going to rise up, rise up, 

You’ve woken it with your song;

Dead are going to rise, spirit of the chorus woke them,
A glorious song they couldn’t ignore, 

Not even in eternal sleep of ether. 

In your dreams you hear every note, 

It eases your aches in painfully clear tones. 

Then fall back into sleep, the song is complete, 

The dead sleep again and so do you. 

Until the day we all forever rise, 

When the songs of Heaven are eternal. 

Be careful what you raise up today, 
Your song of dreams has power. 

Tell the people rise up, rise up, put out the call, 

Listen in the concrete streets, 

The womb of nature’s stunning  river valley. 

Listen in the sound of silence, 

The song of glorious praise abounding; 

A song that will make us all wake up and rise, 

When that glorious hour arrives. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

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