Open Mic Night: Web of Lies

The girl was stuck in the web
she wondered how,
She was naive and innocent ,
did not understand the world and its chaos .
Every time she wanted out , another lie, another farce stuck to her somehow .
Those who she had thought her own, had made her reach to a no return.
They branded her and insulted her, for what she did not own.
Life became hell she thought she was stuck in the web not her own.
Then an angel fairy came and rescued her from her plight,
She told her to trust herself and move on in her life.
So many years later the trials and tribulations forgotten, she built up a life and family of her own.
Her life was full of fun and laughter, away from the accusations and the slander .
One day she remembered something and wanted to share with one of her own,
She innocently went about asking so she could share what was in her soul,
Then the vicious cycle started , they wanted to pull her in their web of lies,
But this time the girl was grown up and could stand on her own.
She realized that they could never be part of her own .

All I can say that their is always light at the end of the tunnel . I have found mine.

Hope you all find yours.

Love and Light

Sonia Kumar, Follow Your Heart

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