Open Mic Night: Love Being Me-Sonia Kumar/Follow Your Heart

Sonia Kumar blogs at Follow Your Heart

I, Me , I love myself , I adore myself, Admiring each part that is me and knowing how beautiful I am .             You might say you are not good,         You might say you don’t do this right,  But what do I care ,                      I love my spirit , I love my purpose ,  I love just being who I am.                   Some might not want to associate with me ,                                         Some might be scared for what I stand ,                                                       But does it matter ,                                   To each one their own                          I love myself the way I am .

So many situations which would want to pull me down ,                         So many mortals who would want to push me back ,                                         But that’s the whole beauty of me ,         I will smile and move on ,                        I will light everyone’s heart ,        And help to soothe each broken heart ,                                                       That’s the alluring and fascinating me ,                                                           Smiling and lightening each one’s path ,                                                        Putting a smile to each one’s face , Healing the broken and the wrought,                                 Spreading the love that’s in my heart ,                                                       I love me for who I am .

Just being me that’s all I want ,           I love myself to the moon and back , Treasuring each aspect , Cherishing each nuance ,                         Honoring my moods , my thoughts , my desires ,                                             Celebrating who I am , and what more can I want .

Just a reminder to celebrate who you are.

Lots of love and light 🙏               Sonia Kumar

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