Poetry in Motion

Motion is My Muse

A big thank you to Christine for stepping in at short notice last week. I loved her poem, On Becoming A Writer. It got to the heart and soul of what writing means and the blocks and thoughts we all face as writers.

Today, I want to explore the processes we employ as poets. When you write poetry do you need to find space and silence? Do your best poetic thoughts come in the morning, or do they hide until the Backside of the Night? For me, I need to be moving when creating thoughts and ideas for poems. Once I have a seed I have to take it out for a walk. It sounds crazy, but I have discovered walking and poetry go hand I hand when it comes to creativity and focus.

Over the years I have developed a writing routine that involves waking up in the morning and going out for a five-mile hike. When I start walking I have an idea or concept for a new poem, or an existing poem going through the draft stage. By the time I have completed the walk the idea, or draft, has been taken through the wringer and either polished or ditched.

There is a science behind this. When we partake in an activity, like walking, the unconscious part of the brain takes control of the movement element and frees the conscious part of the brain to work and focus on other things. Poetry provides a natural focus when walking, as both activities share a steady, continuous and rhythmic pattern.

The following haibun, Motion is My Muse, came to fruition whilst thinking about motion and poetry (and surrendered after numerous long walking treks).


Stillness irks her. Like a naughty child, she pesters around the armchair blowing “chase me” into my ear. As usual, I succumb. In a prolonged moment, walking boots replace slippers; warm home comforts meet with a cold slap. At first the atmosphere is hostile, but she begins to weave her magic pointing to Red Kites etched on Cumulonimbus; a distant woodpecker hammering through moving trees. She runs into empty rooms, turning on lights and painting “I LOVE YOU” on vacant walls. We embrace and my reason for being, flows.

With every step
She leads the pen to places
Where dreams are hidden


Do you have any poems or poetry inspired by your writing practice? Does reading today’s post bring to mind any poetic thoughts? We would love to hear them in the café.

3 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion

  1. Your writing routine definitely pays off because your poetry is delightful.

    My poetic thoughts are triggered by nature, even though my content is not always related to nature. I love to be outside on cool crisp mornings, sipping my coffee. Or while I am inside, I sit by my window and take in mother nature and her moods.

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