Finding Home

Originally posted on Brave and Reckless.

Someone asked me this week whether I was actively involved with the WordPress community and whether it had positively impacted me.  I didn’t hesitate at all in answering the question: the WordPress community isn’t why I initially I came here, but it is absolutely why I stay.  I have found many things in the WordPress community that I didn’t even know I needed– amazing and generous mentors, favorite writing partners, and a group of talented writers who awe me, push me to be a better writer and provide an endless source of inspiration.  I have found my tribe— other writers who have walked where I have walked, felt what I have felt and do not judge me, but accept me in my fullness.  They have encouraged me daily to be brave, to be loud, to be me.

I have been incredibly fortunate to be involved with several amazing writing collectives since my arrival here at WordPress and to have had the opportunity to network with writers whose work I admire and respect.  This week alone I was able to be involved in two collaborative projects that I am deeply proud of: The Burning Bed and A Room So Still and Quiet It Hurts.  The quality of the writing is outstanding—the quality of the souls and hearts of the writers involved even more so.

I have had the room in the WP Community to be human, make mistakes, stumble, grow, get up again, brush myself off, begin to make amends, and try again.  For a control freak who feels like she has to be perfect all the time, superhuman all the time, this is a greater gift than you can possibly imagine.

I am filled this week with gratitude for the community and the opportunities that WordPress has offered me.  This has become a home where I can write, love, learn, laugh, mourn, be reborn and nurture.  This is why I stay on WordPress.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Home

  1. Christine, Really loved this post! Loved the line – “I have found my tribe”! I feel that way too. It is great isn’t it? Thanks so much for sharing and for being so incredible!!! Finding Home is a wonderful thing!!!

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