Poem: Italian Sonnet “What We Could Become” #dVerse #amwriting #poetry 

Thanks to Lillian from #dVerse Poetic’s Pub for hosting last week’s #dVerse prompt on Windows, looking out and looking in. 

My apologies, I meant to publish this on my blog without realizing I was on Go Dog Go. So bonus poem today! 


Credit: Jade Limcaco via UnSplash


Here I stand, watching the sea, in and out, 

The tide flows, paces itself in and out. 

Though I should be outside in the surf’s shout 

Quiet of the indoors keeps me about. 

By grande window stop, my mind in such doubt. 

Wrapping my sweater tightly thinking long, 

Of days gone by, the future’s pull a song. 

Watching boats sail by, sea birds diving flout, 

Captured fish, tiny sea creatures, I pause. 

Unsure where to start, where to go, no hint —

Of what lies before me, from the before. 

So I wait, I wander, I wait for you, flaws —

And all; unsure if you were a dream or —  

Some hopeful vision, what we could become. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 

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