“As the Moon Watches” After Hours in the Go Dog Go Café

Hello friends.  Welcome to After Hours with Beth Amanda.  Love to see you here.

This poem developed rather randomly and on one of those days, when just looking at prompt words/phrases , suddenly a cohesive piece was forming.  That doesn’t happen to me often.  I am good with one prompt.  But putting several together sometimes seems Aft forced.  But the other night I simple glanced through my sheet of Twitter prompts from a few weeks and words stuck out and gelled.  It was cool!  So, the following is a combination of a few Twitter prompts and my own wandering mind.  Hope it fits your fancy for After Hours.

“As the Moon Watches”

Moon Watches

Feeling your lips

sensual silken touch

upon shivering skin

hushed cashmere whisper

causing rhythmic waves

in deep unknowns

of my body

shallow breaths

keeping me afloat

my mind

ebbing and flowing

with the tide

moonlight’s eyes

watching in awe

the bare beauty

of your gentle, hungry passion

delicious to every sense

overcoming me

in shudders and cries

a musical beat and song

assuaging the moon

as he smiles

and hides behind a cloud




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