A Cafe Introduction /Back Catablog of Linda Luna and – The Darkside Of The Moon blog

By Charles Robert Lindholm

Hi Everyone,

I’d like you to meet a Friend of mine – Linda Luna.  Linda’s blog is “The Darkside Of The Moonthe side of me most people never see“.  Linda has only been blogging on WordPress a short while but has shared some beautiful poems that give you a real insight into her heart and soul.

I’ve invited her to come and join us here in the Go Dog Go Cafe where we have such a great community of writers and friends supporting each other.  I’m hoping you will help make Linda feel right at home in the Cafe!

Linda has been writing poetry since her teenage years, she holds a B.A. in English but has only recently begun to share her poems with the world.  Some of Linda’s other interests are also creative, Music – singing, piano and guitar; plein air acrylic painting, hiking, traveling and supporting her community and church.

Linda is blessed to be able to work from home and sells her artwork at shows and craft fairs, but her heart’s desire is to be a published author.  I think most of us can identify with and join in that desire!

Linda bases her love poems on relationships past, present and some fictional too.  She writes under the pseudonyms Linda Luna and Abigail Gronway.  She also writes on other subjects and has been published under her given name as well.

Don’t be surprised if you see Linda’s Photo Icon on your posts with her comments and likes.  One of the things I really appreciate about Linda is that she is a consistent supporter and commentor for those she follows.  Hopefully, she will soon be following you!!

So, let me take you on a highlight view of some of Linda’s recent and most loved works by me and the large number of others who read them!  Disclosure – I do have to confess here that some of Linda’s works have evoked a response poem from me.

Having just celebrated the 4th of July and what our freedom means and those that give their lives to preserve it for us we will first look to Linda’s Solemn and Respectful poem


Orders“.  This poem is a beautiful tribute to all those who serve as well as their families.


Next we will look at another 4th of July piece but one that is an evening of fun – “Fireworks With You”  This poem assures us that the fun doesn’t end when you might expect.

Here is a delightful example of Linda’s future potential as displayed in a school girl’s homework assignment – “Starlight“.   Her romantic leanings are seen early in this little poem.

One of the very best works by Linda in my opinion is “Look Not On The Thorns“.  When I read this it immediately reminded me of the great poems by the Masters from the Past.  Here Linda reminds us that the object is the Rose.


The ending is such a classic and inspired a response by me – “I Shall Keep My Eyes On You“.  See if Linda’s poem inspires you too!   “Without thorns there would be no roses.” —Author unknown


Linda knows how to turn the heat up and give your imagination a chance to run free in her beautiful Love Poems!

The next few poems are some of Linda’s best, romantic, sensuous and moving pieces.  If you love romantic love poems you will not want to miss these.

Rain On Me” will give you a new appreciation of letting your mind imagine while being drenched!  This poem is descriptive, romantic and sensual and calls to you for a response.  Well, it did for me with- “I Heard An Angel Whispering

In “Let Me Let You” Linda takes us on a wonderful journey from willingness, desire, passion and sensuality to the contentment and joy of oneness and fulfillment.  Don’t miss this romantic trip!

Sometimes things sneak up on you from out of the blue.  Here is a surprising example of what a “Blindside Kiss” can do in Linda’s “A Kiss“.  Be sure and take note of Linda’s delightful solution!

Next Linda shares a warm and romantic description of what all long distance relationships have to endure.  She tells us how the heart seeks to close the gap between the Long Distance Lover and her Beloved who is so far, far away.
Please enjoy her “Air Mail”, the only kiss possible!

Linda presents us with a longing love hoping to come true and the love and passionate kisses being saved in a bottle.  Some lucky guy is going to be sharing passionate kisses for a lifetime.  Come read –  “Saving My Kisses For You


And the last post of Linda’s we will look at is a great example of why Linda is such a great fit and addition to our supportive community and The Cafe.

In Linda’s post – “Japanese Poetry Forms“, we are presented with her gracious presentation of Japanese formats at the request of someone who was unfamiliar with the types of poetry being posted on WordPress.

Please avail yourself of this brief but informative primer on Japanese Poetry Forms!  Many thanks Linda for being such a great resource and so helpful to our writer’s community!


If you are like me and like to binge on a good thing (like we are doing now) here are a few more of Linda’s works that I will let you explore on your own.

It Rained Again Last Night

Best Friends





Let’s give Linda a big Go Dog Go Cafe Welcome and make a seat for her at the table!  Come on guys!  Scrunch on over!

The Reluctant Poet

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