In the After Hours of the Café

Our friend Sailorpoet, S Francis, had the idea of a time at the cafe called “After Hours.” These hours, for me, are some of my favorite in the day.  I am not really a morning person, and need that caffeine to get going, but staying up late–I’m good at that.  You never know what things can happen in the After Hours, and believe me, I have had some interesting late nights or simply observed some interesting scenarios.

So After Hours will take on a bit more of the sensual/erotic tone of the cafe–my favorite tone.  The poems tonight are some I have previously written on Twitter under @midwestfantasy. So grab a late night Kahlúa and coffee and free your senses and imagination…

“Unravel Her”

His voice

pure poetic passion

unraveling her slowly

like a precious silk ribbon

mystical hands

working to persuade her

unlace the ecstasy



Gentle fingertips

tracing your name

over writhing hipbones


this will be

my moment

of surrender



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