Love At First Sight

Ajay Vyas/Love Relished With Ink

Love Relished With Ink

I was never a personwho believed in love at first sight. Even as a man who admiredfilm and romance, I thought the idea was preposterous. I mean, how could you love someone you knew nothing about? Maybe I wasjust jaded frombeing alone forfartoo long.

I spent my free time trying different dating sites hoping to find something worthwhile but even I knew those chances were slim. Each interaction was as empty as anold town mall. Conversations alwaysbegan and ended with pillow talk or sexual innuendos. I told my friends I was looking for something but truth was, the dating apps were my excuse to not go out and actually search for love.

The past few relationships I had been apart of left me scarred with a bitter taste in my mouth. To be fair, it was partially myfault. I knew I was born in a generation of people who were…

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