Poem: Free Verse – “The Best Is Never Enough” #amwriting #poetry 

Good Morning All! I’m reminding you I’m still on break from my regularly scheduled Tuesday Writer, Blogger, or Cause interviews. Also from ‘Rewind interviews, those done since I began doing the interviews series on Mandibelle16. I’ll be back July 18th with those. I needed some time to think and write and relax. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you all find, there’s never enough time to write all that you want and need to write!

Anyways here’s this week’s poem:


Credit: María Victoria Heredia Reyes via UnSplash



You cannot undo what you have done,

In your storm of compulsions.

Scattered actions, swinging fists, words of blame.

Never believing my voice,

More defeating blows.

Bruises are bleeding, inside all is seething,

Breathing in and out, controlling breath.

Words annihilate, split bones.

How can you say, it’s good to make a woman cry?

For rain to pour down and drown her;

Just so she understands?

Failed miscalculations in pharaoh’s heart of stone.

Comprehending what you do not,

With words far sharper — iron talons that saw.

Beat her with sticks and stones without pause,

Psychologically busted, mental health rusted,

You’ve no understanding,

No attempt to listen.

No proof, just a tone of voice that belittles.

Never noticing the best a person can do,

Yard stick smashing, she doesn’t measure up.

Spots or crumbs, minute details,

Hyperbolized, your thoughts gone awry.

An illusion of fantasy, to the decay of time,

To a world that’s perfect,

Exactly how you like.

Turn the handles three times, walk three steps.

Uncurl your mind, a labyrinth to roam,

Midas the king becomes the Minotaur,

A maze of hell engaged.

Punching red stones,

Hands deepen ruby tones.

The best is never enough,

She cannot jump high enough to cross the bar;

Pole vaulting isn’t her sport,

So she hides, a sad girl cries.

Trying to manage, find respect,

But told to shut up and listen to threats.

Not accommodated when she asks, “Please don’t corner me.”

You were warned, chose to press the red button,
Thoroughly flawed, in judgement uncouth.

A cadence you might understand,

If you chose to see her beneath,

Your misguided thoughts.

I don’t have to meet your expectations,

I have to live the life God granted, with my entire soul.

Each day can be a struggle,

You fail to look beyond your knowledge,

To try to understand.

Defeat the discrimination engrained,

Reasons you don’t believe the truth.

How hard people strive for you,

How you throw it in their face.

Never realizing how insides are carved,

Painfully outward to improve, to fail . . .

Small achievements scattered,

Pieces worth hours upon hours.

Stained glass art,

Unseen by those who lack appreciation.

Her work has no value,

Your imply, she does not do —

Precisely as you would please.

Use someone else to prop up your ignorance,

She fights on her own, keeps telling you,

Don’t make up excuses, don’t put up a front,

But you always do it as you always have;

A ‘united front of lies.’

Speak for yourself without implication,

Your plethora of jumbled words,

You trap yourself by your own merits.

Words digging into her heart walls,

Blood spurts and puddles.

A girl cannot even depend . . .

You don’t even see it, you only imagine,

Your perspective of what life is supposed to be — unchallenged.

Ignoring the writings on the wall,

It’s never enough for you, will never be.

So kill your expectations,

They are no longer my prison;

I do not owe you, you made choices too.

It’s love that drives my helpfulness,

Though little you think of it.

I am only myself already,

Back broken, so carry your own burdens;

They are not mine to bear.

You act old and rusted,

Frail by attitude.
Not understanding true fatigue,

You have no concept, just grudges;

A case of eggs cracking.
Instead of belittling words,

Smashing my insides;

Turn inward and examine yourself.

You’ve lost something precious,

Rubies and diamonds you’ll never earn back,

Crumbs and peanut butter smears.

Your gift for corruption, words uncontrolled.

My imperfection is noted,

You claim colossally.

The pot calls the kettle black,

Sane old threats, same old lies,

But soon I will glide,

Up here where i am free,

No prisons, unashamed,

To live my life with time to dream.



©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Poem: Free Verse – “The Best Is Never Enough” #amwriting #poetry 

  1. Mandi,

    Such a powerful and raw piece. I loved the voice unafraid to speak, at least, here! I think your post is a perfect definition of emotional and verbal abuse, isn’t it. Loved your ending. It is when the Heart and Soul say, “Enough, no more” that you can start to live free again. Thank you for sharing this! Sadly, there are too many that need to read your words and join in by saying, “Enough, no more”!!! Kudos

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi I’m really happy you like this. Sometimes others who are close to us, don’t even realize they are acting this way and it’s more a matter of making the aware or saying that enough is enough. Other times there are those close to us who are perfectly aware what they’re doing and continue doing it anyways. Sometimes it’s a thin lime between the two.


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