Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 9. Reaching Home to Self: Part 1: And the Story Begins…

A bit of late post…First, thank you to all for warm appreciation from all on the Saturday Post…Secondly, this week post is from the lady who has aways pushed to write more and always criticizing my writings for my betterment…enjoy the post…

Thoughts of Words

Today I’m presenting my Di, Meenakshi Sethi. Many of you know her. She is a prolific poetess. Her poem always leaves many of us in the brown-thought. Her site Wings of Poetry is in many of our must-visit blog daily. Now, she’s writing her life i.e. autobiography. For this, she has created another site name Reaching Home to Self with tagline Life in a Nutshell. Her journey, her life. And today I’m presenting the first part of the story to encourage her to enchant us more by her words. 

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