Spoken Word Spotlight: Catch A Firefly/S. Francis


Welcome to Spoken Word Spotlight.  Every Wednesday, Christine brings a writer’s words to life.  This week she brings us a beautiful and nostalgic poem by Barista S. Francis. Sit back, take a sip of coffee, close your eyes and enjoy.

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Come and catch a firefly with me
Like we are children playing free
Alone in a field designed for us
The grass, the trees, the flowers,
Perfection. What shall we do with it?
Put it in a jar, poked holes in lid,
Watch it become our lantern?
Or watch it languish alone?

Do we dare lift the lid, reach inside
Draw the firefly out to the jar’s rim
And then sit together and just watch?
Our eyes open await the exact moment
When it chooses to take flight,
Trace a swift arc around our field
To recapture enough lost time to then
Light up a whole new universe within.

We will each reach out our hand
To try and catch it again, this light
Passing through our fingers like air,
Until I close my eyes like a blind man,
Turn my fingers to your skin and trace
The wholeness of a moment I had sought
When I first became aware of light spilling
Down the back of my soul, needing capture.

7 thoughts on “Spoken Word Spotlight: Catch A Firefly/S. Francis

  1. i loved the way you intoned the questions, that was very poignant and resonated with the foundation of the poem, a quest for understanding. and the last stanza i felt such emotion like the poem finally took hold in your heart and as you said the last word capture it was a little faltering, magnifying the depth you were feeling. I might have said it before, Christine you really give life to the poetry you read out, not your won but you capture the essence of it. Thank you for another brilliant Spoken Word Spotlight.

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