Poem – Free Verse – “His Broken Doll” #amwriting 

For those of you expecting an interview, ‘Rewind or new interview,’ I apologize. I’m taking a two week- break to rest, relax, do some reading, put together a few interviews, and finish off some work projects. I’ll be back on the 18th with a new interview with Sangbad and Christine, two baraista’s on The Go Dog Cafe, with their consecutive interviews.

For now, enjoy an older piece of poetry I’ve written and rewrote. I’ll have another piece next week, during my holiday.

Thanks for your understanding!


Credit: Aimée Volgelsang via UnSplash


Once you were,

The light that lit my path, flames scorching,

Warmth that kept the chill at bay;

I knew that you were it.

Now you’re forever down the path,

Where ‘the green grass grows;’

Beside you, her, your forever girl.

I’ve tried to stop seeing your face,

The one I yearn for,

Eyes that make my body melt;

A suffusion of want.

I don’t know what’s in me that loves you,

Only do I know,

The expressions of your face.

The flare of your pupils, eyes sharp and meandering,

Gleaming stars memorizing,

Your volcanic stare.

You’re hers and cannot be mine,

I don’t long for you;

I don’t want you.

Yet you remain,

Forever a shock to my system,

A singular epileptic convulsion of my heart.

A glitter and glimpse of mad love,

Where love, hate, and ambiguity twist in  synchronicity.

Love is love and first loves don’t fade,

Or dissolve into something worth keeping.

My mind sees your long figured hands composing,

Your smooth words causing,
The crowds hystarical laughter.

I no longer stand out, I’m a faceless person,

With heart raw from yester-years’ emptiness;

Your scarring fire.
Eyes sparking my heart with sapphire dreams.

Little girls, oh,porcelain dolls,

Never give your love away,

For a handsome smile and hungry eyes.
Little girl never love forever —

When you are not loved in return.

Love unrequited, the one that got away —

Tears a permanent hole;

Malice an unintended repercussion.

You’ll search for years to fill that hole,

To discover that contentedness — she gives him.

Stars don’t alighn, the planets are skittering,

Ping-ponging across the universe.

Pulse racing madly,

Memories of,

Unrequited love, searing.

Stitches holding wounds together,

The foreboding wale of brokenness caged.

Forgive and forget — move on.

Wasn’t it supposed to heal?

And now I realize far to late,

That I must stand alone.

Supporting myself.

Princess fighting my own dragons.

Memories of the past,

The most fearsome beast of all.

A wicked shard wedged in my heart,

Yet, maturity has revealed:
I am my own girl to the last;

My hand can will never meet his,

High up in a tree house,

A fortress my keep.

I once was a broken doll,

Too many scattered pieces,

Doll once shattered,

Never perfect again.

But who needs to be whole?

Who wants to be a precious doll?

Made of porcelain as teacups.

A doll’s frozen smile,

Once hid intense shrieks.

Then I realized, even dolls —

Can be loved again,

By someone better;

In their brokenness complete


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Poem – Free Verse – “His Broken Doll” #amwriting 

  1. strong evocative words Mandibelle. a doll representing so many phases and emotions. different parts of the doll symbolic of actions and reactions. only you can write like this and make the words sink really deep.

    Liked by 1 person

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