Hi Everybody,  Today I would like to introduce you to DavyD of “Inside The Mind Of DavyD Blog”


For so many of you that haunt the GO DOG GO CAFE, DavyD is an Old and Dear Friend, a charter patron at Steve’s wonderful Cafe and Never Ending supporter of our community and so many individual writers.

But for any that are new or have not had the privilege and honor to meet Davy I wanted to make sure you have a chance to meet Davy so you will be encouraged to go and check out his wisdom, his writings, his thought-provoking questions and topics and especially his poetry.  Please indulge yourself in a visit to DavyD’s blog.

If I asked for a show of hands in the cafe of how many have read and commented on Davy’s poems or had him read and comment on one of your works I am sure the house would have hands raised all over the place!  Our community of writers has been blessed with such strong pillars as Steve and DavyD to support us.  You can prove this to yourself by looking at those poems/pieces which you have liked and then check to see who else has liked that piece, chances are great that you will see the Photo Icons of DavyD and Steve.

DavyD’s blog was the first one I followed after joining WordPress.  Wow, how lucky was I?  The first thing that hit me about Davy’s poetry was how awesome, powerful and insightful it was “In Just Three Lines”!  I continually found myself rereading them over and over again to make sure I had gleaned everything that he put there, “In Just Three Lines”!  I hope I’m not the only one.

I remember reading his poems for the first time and I ended up plowing through months of them like a box of chocolates (hey, let’s all be honest, shall we?) or binging on a season of your favorite TV show (Start back in the archives in October 2016).  That’s when I became addicted to Davy’s poetry and discussion topics.  Not to mention his humor.  I don’t know how or why (maybe it’s British humor) but he always seems to have a way to crack me up!  I have had the privilege of getting to know Davy through our comments on each other’s works and email and so when I introduce DavyD to you as My Dear Friend you will know that I am more than just a follower on his blog!

I have no doubt that many have or will have the privilege and honor of having Davy become one of your biggest supporters.  Davy has been a constant and continual support for me in my time here on WordPress!  I have Davy to thank for my meeting Steve in one of the comments on Davy’s questions (he loves to prod us with questions, doesn’t he?)  “What time of day do you write?”.  Steve became the inspiration for my “The Backside Of The Night” and the meme from that simple contact to one of Davy’s questions.

How great is it to have someone who helps facilitate an improvement in your writing, in how you see things, increases your confidence in your ability or is the stepping stone for you meeting other great writers and friends.  I think we could start a DavyD version of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon! Ha!

Davy will deny this and say I shouldn’t say it, as would our Dear Friend Steve, but both of them have been a major reason why we can have the supportive and warm community and a Cafe to meet in!  We all owe Steve and Davy a huge “Thank You”!  And for new comers you will soon learn why both Davyd and Steve are “Beloved” by all in our community and in the Cafe!!!

You don’t have to take my word for it alone, here is what Maja of Business in Rhyme has said,

“DavyD’s questions on his blog “Inside The Mind of DavyD” have also helped get me to start making writing a daily habit”. 

We are going to switch over now and start a Back Catablogging of Davy’s blog.

Here are just two of the reasons that I am so indebted to, and thankful for DavyD and his inspirational impact on me and my writing!  I hope he has had/or will have the same positive impact on you!

These two poems of mine have DavyD’s poetic DNA in them, please read the ending credits and check out Davy’s original poem.



If any of you have been inspired to write a poem or other post that was inspired by Davy – Please let us see it by posting it on the Go Dog Go Cafe Blog with your comment and credit!

I am going to list a few of Davy’s works and I already know that there will be those who have their own favorites but these have been some of mine!  Please visit DavyD’s blog and hand pick Your own!

But first, here is a great quote on Davy’s site from my favorite poet Robert Frost – “To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.”   Now you have a comeback for all your friends!!  Thanks Davy!

Let’s start out with one of Davy’s humorous but informative pieces – ADVERBS 

Here Davy will prod you to think about the use of the lowly (an adverb) adverb.  Just seeing Davy’s postit note photo had me in stitches.  Please read this and see if you can help Davy out with his dilemma about adverbs!

The next work –  OUT OF MY LEAGUE – is another great three line piece that is wistful and yearning and something most of us have done!  Some have even had this dream come true?  I think maybe even Davy,  Davy did You? Ha!

Please see if this thought ever ran through your mind like it did for Davy.

Next we will look at one of Davy’s prodding Topic Questions – WHAT IS THE BEST TIME OF DAY TO WRITE POETRY?   Please take time to read this, I think you will enjoy it!

This is an interesting and informative piece with research on the subject about the best time of day to write.  Davy said he was intrigued to know what time of day was best for you and asked you to let him know.  I think you should all consider the question with your reasons and let our friend Davy know what your answer is! 

That’s what I did and after reading through the comments I had the great honor and privilege of meeting My Dear Friend Steve, from his comment on “Night’s Backside”.  That comment inspired me to write “The Backside Of The Night”  from which Steve started a meme.  Come join in on that meme!  See!  Even reading other people’s comments on Davy’s blog can be inspirational and you might find a new friend like I did.

One of the reasons Davy’s poetry and writings are so enjoyable and meaningful is the inner reflections and examinations that his work calls upon you to do for yourself – no mirror required!!  See what your answer might be to Davy’s – POETIC MOTIVATION: 22  

Many of Davy’s pieces deal with the universal topics of love, happiness, heartaches and yearnings.  You know, the ones we all love to write about, (oh well, most of us)!  A friend of mine commented recently that to her, “WordPress seems like a huge vortex of romantics and lovers!”  It sounded right to me when she said it!  Please read Davy’s piece – MISSING.  See if you have ever felt this way?

One of the fun things about Davy is that he posts things that are true, but funny too!  Try this – POETIC MOTIVATION: 20.

The end of our sampling brings us to some classics from the “Davy Wants To Know Series“.  After reviewing Davy’s many Question pieces (which I love!) I’m beginning to think Davy has the same curious nature as a cat. Ha!

Please be sure and read these and let Davy know Your answers!  No, really, he said he wants to know your answers!



ARE YOU A POET – Please read this and get back to Davy!  Should you call yourself a poet or let others label you as such???


And lastly from a post at the Go Dog Go Cafe


DavyD lives up to his blog name “Inside the mind of DavyD” by sharing his interesting thoughts, questions and poems that are simply awesome in their depth, impact and insight.

So, If you hear a thought provoking question being asked near you in the GO DOG GO CAFE odds are that DavyD is nearby and prodding us to ponder

I hope you will get to know DavyD as your friend too!  Please make room for DavyD at your table and don’t forget to follow Davy’s blogs!  And check out his Archives too!

Sunshine and Happiness to You!
As Always,
The Reluctant Poet


  1. I came to the Cafe through finding the Sailor Poet and Davy D. on Word Press – actually I think the Sailor Poet liked a poem I posted on my intermittent blog. I love everything I read, and I am in awe of the number of poems they write. I also loved your poems, Chuck, that were inspired by Davy D. One day I will be brave enough to post something of mine….thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • So glad You liked this post! I guess You are the proof I was talking about having Steve and Davy visiting and commenting on so many writers blogs. I am very indebted to inspiration from both DaveD and Steve.

      I would really encourage you to be brave and post your work. Perhaps, you can have someone You respect take a look at it if you are concerned. There is a really great book on how to write poems I would recommend to you – “Poemcrazy”. Check it out on Amazon and read the reviews. If you have a serious interest in writing poems and letting your voice be heard this is worth the small cost.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Thank you for this great introduction to DavyD. His poetry always prompts a pause – to take in the mystery of life. I hadn’t read Out Of My League until this evening – wow, it is stunning. Thank you, Chuck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Gwen, Thanks so much for commenting and sharing. I so agree. He really makes you stop and think. Have you read his question posts? Have You answered him? Ha! Yes, I liked Out of My League. Davy and I had some fun comments on that too.

      If You haven’t checked out his older works I would suggest that You go back and start in October 2016 and come forward.


  3. Charles, I woke up this morning and my muse was prodding me to experience the backside of the night (it’s 5am here in the UK). I read this piece and thank you does not say enough. I am honoured and humbled that you took the time and energy to write this piece. It is the privilege of working alongside writers like yourself and the other great writers in this community that provide the inspiration and motivation to write what I write. Poetry has provided me with shelter and light during my lifetime and if I can share the beauty and support others on their journeys there is nothing more I could wish for. Many thanks again my friend and here’s to more adventures as we walk our particular paths.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Davy, Oh my, that is so unusual for You isn’t it? My recollection is that you like mornings? Be careful, you get hooked on it! The silence and stillness is quite seductive.

      You are more that welcome and more than deserving of every word and every moment spent. It was really my privilege to do it. I am like You and like to have people meet those who will interest and inspire them. You are the very definition of that and I just wanted to encourage people to visit Your blog. I also wanted them to get acquainted with your Question Pieces, I love those. If you get bombarded you know who to blame! Guilty as charged, Officer Davy!

      I know what a wonderful thing it has been for me to have You as a supporter of my work and I wanted people to know that and to know that it is something that You do all the time for others. I so enjoy our commenting also. Plus I am so indebted for Your seeds of inspiration on poems and for being a means for me meeting Steve.

      So glad you liked this!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Davy can say so much in 3 lines. I haven’t been here long but reading the work of the awe inspiring poets here makes me smile every say. Chuck, your poems are delightful and truly passionate. The beauty of how Sailor poet sees the world, and his big heart gives me hope for this difficult world. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Davy’s 3 line poems always put me in awe. There is a real talented collection of writer to be sure, and You need to include yourself in that number!! Really!

      Thank you so much for being such consistent and continual follower of my words! I really appreciate it and always look forward to seeing you in my email alerts!

      We all owe Steve, Sailorpoet a huge debt for all he has done to bring this community together! I especially appreciate Steve for the emails we have shared and his inspiration on my “The Backside Of The Night”. So glad to see you involved in the Cafe! Blessing to You, My Dear!


    • You are so right about that! We are blessed to have him supporting our community of writers! I especially have loved his “Question” posts, haven’t you? Davy has been a Great Friend to me and to so many others. I just wanted to make sure that if anyone hadn’t met Davy that they had a chance to meet him. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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