Monday Gu(e)st: S II: 8. Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija

This week welcome Kshitija with a different type of post…

Thoughts of Words

Today’s post is a different one. We talk about women empowerment, we talk of the role a woman plays in a relationship and so on. But, we never talk of man or boy or guy. Being a boy myself I also never talk of this. And this point catch my eyes and make the post an interesting and shareable one. Written by a girl thinking of the role of a man play in the daily life of a woman. This week guest blogger is a new blogger-friend name Kshitija.

Man’s Effort in Relationship–Kshitija

We always praise a lady/women/girl. Each year we celebrate women’s day, mother’s day, daughter’s day. Either she is working women or a homemaker she is always appreciated by people.

“Oh! It’s not an easy task to handle a kid, husband, in-laws everything”,

“Wow!!  You are really a superwoman, you manage your house, family members and then your work…

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