Dedication to the Go Dog Go Café

Dedication to the GDGC

I want to start today’s post by saying a big thank you to everyone who joined in the “Why do you write poetry?” conversation started in the café last week. It was interesting to read about the different reasons and motivations as to why you write poetry.  Please feel free to continue and add to the conversation.

Having these chats are a big part of the vibe in the café and I hope to bring some more poetic topics to your tables in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas designed to get the conversation flowing then please let me know in the comments section and I will write something around them.

Today, I am handing the floor to Eugenia from ThusNSuch who was inspired to write Ode to a Poet, dedicated to the motivation and inspiration circulating around the Go Dog Go Café. Thank you Eugenia, and here is her dedication.

Ode To A Poet

A touch of imagination
A bit of inspiration
A tad of ideation
Sparking creation
A spot of time to spend
A message to send
A thought to lend
A chance to pretend
A mind puzzle to link
A snapshot to think
There is no brink
We must spill our ink

What thoughts or poetry has the café inspired in you so far? We would love to hear them.

10 thoughts on “Dedication to the Go Dog Go Café

  1. Nice poem! Café shows me a dream. I live in a village, where there’s no Cafe or anything of sort where people meet. I sit in my house, in my ‘space’ and I write. But I wonder how would it to be sit together with Like minded people in real life, reading their poems as they write, tracing their thought process there excitement. I wish I can do it one day!

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