Spoken Word Spotlight: An Hour with Jake/Davy D.


Welcome to Spoken Word Spotlight.  Every Wednesday, Christine will bring a writer’s words to life.  This week she brings us an introspective poem written by Barista Davy D. that really packs an emotional punch. Sit back, take a sip of coffee, close your eyes and enjoy.

If you would like Christine to highlight a piece of your writing, please contact Go Dog Go through our Contact Form or email  us at godoggocafe@gmail.com.

An Hour with Jake


the phone knows it’s Jake,

the ringtone changes to one

with a depressed air.


I think he used to be

in the military

as he always

manages to bypass

the answerphone,


and it rings,

and rings,

and rings,

and rings,


five minutes is the limit.



“hi, it’s Jake.”

“oh, hi Jake, how’s things?”


scripts roll.


his, a tale of how

his wife,

his dog,

his work colleague,

don’t understand him.


mine, a crafted questionnaire

designed for glibness,

adding to the

self-help deception.


third Thursday each

month, 7pm – 8pm.

in two years,

little has changed.


this week he’s convinced

the goldfish has started

swimming with its back to him.


some weeks I switch him

to headphones and catch up

with important things in the office.

other weeks, the negativity

hijacks me, and I slump

in the armchair and

watch the crack creep

across the ceiling.


the end is always the same,

Jake giving thanks for my

empathy and kindness.

me, having to wash myself

from the inside out,

with Malbec.

9 thoughts on “Spoken Word Spotlight: An Hour with Jake/Davy D.

  1. Christine, this was a surreal experience listening to one of my poems being read out by someone else. Thank you for your wonderful reading. You captured the pace and tone of the piece perfectly. Thank you once again.

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  2. Reblogged this on Brave and Reckless and commented:

    I really enjoy hanging out at the Go Dog Go Cafe and one of my favorite things to do there is a weekly Spoken Word Spotlight, where I highlight someone else’s writing. This introspective poem written by Barista Davy D. really packs an emotional punch.


  3. Your voice always gives depth to the words Christine, love listening to your calm yet strong inflection.
    Davy this took a few reads after Christine’s vocalisation to get to the heart of your poem. Some people are too stuck in what they believe is their right to remain unattached to the world, swimming in their own pond of self-preservation, they become lifeless with repetition. I say that non-judgmental but more autobiographical, somehow the words you wrote touched a raw nerve. Good writing Mr D and thank you Christine!

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