A Cafe Moment – Our lives turned and curved to meet

This was actually written more than a year ago , a chapter from my book that is still in progress, but I thought it would fit so well here right now!

It is also a continuation from the Cafe Moment posted earlier, you can read it here.

It drizzled this morning. I was grateful for the warmth of the café.

Each time the door opened I stopped myself from turning to see if it was her. I looked at the newspaper, it helped calm me, I could not order any food, I felt nausea rising with the panic.

I smelt her perfume even before I saw her. She sat exactly opposite me again. I sipped the lukewarm coffee and pretended not to stare.

She did not look up. She pointed to the menu and nodded at the server. She looked sad.

My courage increased with her evident sadness. Her cheeks are flushed and her perfume intoxicated me.

I went over and sat on the chair next to her. She looked at me with misty eyes. I don’t speak and she stayed silent. I felt bolder and settled down.

I signaled the waitress to bring my coffee and newspaper over. The waitress brings her her frothy cup at the same time. We lifted our cups almost in unison and our eyes met for a brief moment.

We sat in silent agreement.

Her sadness weighed her shoulders down and I wanted to curve my arms around her. Instead I looked at her hands and let my fingers touch hers. I continued to read my paper. She continued to look down at our fingers touching slightly.

She moved a little, a jerk.

She has curled her fingers around mine. I felt her sigh through her skin.

Our lives turned and curved to meet at this point and I would take the opportunities that fate gave me.

“Hello, I am Lisa”, she says. “Would you like to take a walk with me?”

I am still holding her hand as we curved around the block and headed down main street away from the cafe where we first met.


19 thoughts on “A Cafe Moment – Our lives turned and curved to meet

    • Thanks J! That book has been in hibernation, I have written almost 80% of it and know the ending I want but life gets in the way and I tend to crowd myself with so many projects! I had it on the blog for sometime then took it down, i did get a lot of good feedback and encouragement. Maybe need a retreat and just write?! I am glad you liked the story, these were the two main characters, Lisa and Jay, loosely based on my alter ego and errrr…ok not telling more! have to wait for the book!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha! I would gladly wait for more and know! Oh you probably don’t know, but Jeren Nazuto isn’t my real name, it’s SORTA pen name and my name is.. Guess what.. Jay, a short for my long Indian name. The book sounds wonderful, so please do finish it soon, I would be happy to read. I really liked that breezy, over the head romantic feeling of the book, that’s what attracted me in the first place. I too overcrowd me, (overcrowding for myself), but it pushes our limits and make us grow, so I won’t blame that.

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      • Interesting to know how you chose a pen name, like me I chose to hide behind another identity. Self-preservation is necessary for me a lot of the time, I am still a broken and confused soul. The book is there, the thoughts still in me but or some reason I have lost the inspiration to go on. Don’t we over crowd ourselves! But in a good way so we are always looking forward to something I suppose, so we never lose the love for life and learning. Cool that you are a Jay too, I like that name for some reason….again not telling!

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      • I told her about your book and the names, she requested if you could change the girl’s name to hers, so we could pretend it’s a book about us, haha! The love for life and learning is what I always need, that’s the basic part of living. I suppose doing it when We NEED and feel the urge to do would be most enjoyable. You are building more suspense with every words, so I’m eagerly waiting for the book!

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      • Oh really?! Exciting that must be to want to be the character in a book, but I would have to know her personality and yours. A name is so important. It is your signature to the world, I wish I could oblige, maybe the next story once you tell me her name and I dwell on it a while for inspiration to take hold. Oh the book is a mish mash of folklore and modern day adventure. Lots of twists and turns I almost lost myself in it!

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      • I do hope that you know that I wasn’t serious! She might be, but I wasn’t! Haha! It so happy to hear that you lost yourself writing that book, I wish to do the same one day. Names are indeed signature to the world and have much importance.

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      • I am inspired by a lot of the love and affection I see between the patients I meet and their loved ones, it’s confirmed my belief that humanity is still alive in the deep recesses of pain and hurt. They are my inspiration a lot of the time besides my own muse! So while you may jest about being featured in a story , writing about someone I connect with on word press though never met has not been difficult, I met one of my soulmates here, a lovey person who has lifted me up and above the light, made me see the good I am to the world, a real friend. I write about him often and he gets all shy and is a flamboyant introvert like me I always say, but when there’s a connection, you cannot deny what the universe wants to bring together. Read the Alchemist Jay, I am so guided by Paulo Coelho’s words to listen to the language of the world. Writing has been my avenue to release a lot of things and I will never let anyone take that away from me, as I had mentioned in other “come sit with me” segments, people come and go, they don’t know I can be the joy in their lives but it does not take my joy away, learning to love me has been a lovely journey! let’s lose ourselves in our writing and leave our mark on this world, after all what else can we leave behind?

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      • I completely agree with all of those. Like I say your wise words are always inspiring. I would definitely read that book. I hope I didn’t offend you in any way, if I did, it wasn’t my intention. Well, I have been arguing within myself about “leaving a mark” for a long time, I couldn’t come to a conclusion yet.

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    • Thanks Mich, I won’t deny that is my first love, story telling, reading stories, making up stories, my first and true love. I can hide between the lines and no one will ever know the real me, or the real story. cool right!

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      • Ooohhh again i can totally relate..reason why i am enjoying writing poems is i get to be myself and no one will ever judge me for being right or wrong…and when i write…i felt a lot better..

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      • We write because we have a desire to share, I long gave up on caring who judges me, I take honest criticism so I can grow but I leave the haters in my dust!! And you write beautifully of the things that are in your world and that make you the special person you are. your warmth comes forth from even the comments you leave.

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      • It is always a joy to share my thoughts ….and maybe just like what Mia from the Princess Diary said ” if my thoughts would be the thoughts of everyone then we can make a change”.

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