Hi Everybody,

Another Great Day at the Go Dog Go Cafe!  Today I’d like to introduce You to My Friend, Linda Lee Lyberg!  Some of You may already know Linda from her blog,  Linda left a successful lifelong career to pursue her love of writing and lives in the greater Phoenix area in Arizona, USA.

Linda is like some of the rest of us, still a little bit of a newbie, with only a small number of months of blogging under our belts but with a growing number of followers.  I am hoping all of You will come to know Linda as a Sweet Friend here at the Cafe and at her blog.  Just be forewarned You better come armed with Your wits about You if You are going to chit-chat and banter with Linda.

Linda will have You laughing and smiling in no time if You are kind enough to leave a comment on one of her works or if she leaves you a comment on your blog!  Linda is fun, cheery and if You are observant, as is our Dear Friend DavyD, a retired law enforcement officer, You will see a mischievous twinkle in her eyes!  As Davy once told me, “The truth is always in the eyes”!!

I am sure that all of You will have the pleasure of Linda viewing Your works and commenting in her kind and caring way.  I know You will come to look forward to seeing her in your email alerts as I do!  Please take a few moments and go and visit Linda’s About Statement and get to know her better.  I love her motto “Musings on Life, Love and Linguini”!  When You visit/view one of Linda’s works your heart and soul will be fed!  Maybe we can talk Linda into letting us sample some of her Linguini here at the Cafe?? Ha!

Here is just a very small sampler of what Linda is serving at her blog, charmedchaos:

Let Go

This is one of Linda’s very best!  If You read nothing else Linda has written please read this!  This is an insightful and deep look in the mirror and exposes what we see and how we might react – “Who is this person I see in the mirror? I do not recognize her. A sepia inked version of me staring back, with flashes of color of the woman I once was, pleading to me for change like a beggar on the street.


Such a lovely and delightful piece on a relationship’s impact on our lives and the transformations they have on us!


Linda has painted a perfect portrait of the demons of grief hounding the soul!  We can feel them haunting us in her words!  And the best part is her insightful reveal at the end.  Don’t  miss this one.

Be sure and stop over at Linda’s blog – charmedchaos and spend some time with her words.  I can attest to the inspiration they bring to Your soul!

Please offer Linda a seat and make her feel Welcome at the Go Dog Go Cafe!

The Reluctant Poet

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