As I Am

Hello to all you coffee and writing lovers out there.  This is Beth Amanda, also known as Midwest Fantasy, a new Barista at the Go Dog Go Café.  I’ve had a rough couple days of LackofWritingIdeas disease.  We all have them, I know.  And I’m working on what I will actually offer the café.  Usually I’m the sexy, sultry, sensuous me, but there is a bit more to come to know also.  But for today I’m just offering a little piece that came from sitting with my coffee outdoors on my deck this morning.

Please stop by and say hello to all the friends here!


Take me as I am


and all that can be good

but often isn’t


wanting to be perfection

just a woman

real heart

real feelings

needing love

to polish slowly and gently

what can

shine as beautiful

5 thoughts on “As I Am

  1. even when you are not writing sensous and sexy, your warmth comes though Beth. Your words always have such a loving touch to them. Looking forward to reading your lovely writing here at the cafe. I am always inspired to write like you!

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