The Response: Memories In Amber/Charles

Today we are bringing you a Call and Response from Christine/Brave and Reckless and Chuck/The Reluctant Poet.  The line in Christine’s poem “Memories captured in amber” inspired the Reluctant Poet to write about his own memories in amber.

Covered in Amber
the residue of my tears
washing over my memories
down through the years
from long, long ago,
the dark ages of time 

each delicate memory
with its amber encasing
captures the moments
my mind keeps embracing

each one is precious
in this collection so vast
a slice of time
from out of my past

And again in my dreams
somehow I keep feeling
Memories in Amber
that my heart keeps revealing 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired by Christine Elizabeth Ray from her beautiful poem “I AM”  

4 thoughts on “The Response: Memories In Amber/Charles

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