Blackboard Special: Dances with Words/Aurora Phoenix


over our lattes or espressos
Starbuckian concoctions
we choreograph tap dances
for purple elephants
crowding unacknowledged
into our rooms
we costume them in retro
yellow polka dot bikinis
repurposed as haute couture
we animate
the thorns in our sides
caricature sketch
the pebbles in our shoes

in our boundless café
inspiration blossoms
my metaphor enriches
your fertile mind
your stanza germinates
in my word fields
our turns of phrase
sing harmony with similes

ideas waft delicious
blend aromatically
creativity blooms
in our tree top cafe

Aurora Phoenix is visiting the Go Dog Cafe from Insights from “Inside”

22 thoughts on “Blackboard Special: Dances with Words/Aurora Phoenix

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