Coffee With Basho

Coffee with Basho

When times are tough or when things start to darken your soul, do you have a favourite poem or poet you like to retreat to? The work of Japanese Haiku Master, Basho, provides a bolthole for me on such occasions, and today I am in the Go Dog Go Café immersing myself in his poetry.

In his sketch, The Records of a Travel- Worn Satchel, Basho advocated, “all who achieve greatness in art possess one thing in common………. they are one with nature.” He spent his time travelling alone around Japan and getting closer to nature. He found the solitude (shabi) helped to block out distraction and enabled him to find lightness (karumi) and a spirit of poverty (wabi) to write his haiku.

Reading Basho takes you into the heart of nature, blocks out the distractions provided by a world seemingly hell bent on destroying itself. Sometimes the noise from current events provides a disconnect from our reason for being. Reconnecting with Basho has reconnected me with nature. I have experienced again, the feel of wet grass on bare feet, watched bees dancing amongst the lavender, listened to the blackbird announcing the dawn.

Basho’s work reminds us that the awe and simplicity of nature will always shine a light in the darkness.

Do you have a favourite poet or poem that provides an escape for you? We would love to hear about them.

Or better still – let’s get a café haiku going.

Coffee with Basho –
Traveller’s tales replenish
A weary spirit

Over to you.

14 thoughts on “Coffee With Basho

  1. I woke up this morning to violence in the U.S. and fire in the UK. This was a lovely share, Davy. Your words have inspired me to seek solitude within myself because my household is kind of crazy! But I’ve been preparing some fabric for sewing, which, in a way, brought a sense of calm and peace. When you work with your hands you can get lost in thought. Those thoughts just might summon my muse.

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  2. Hi Pal, so this is where you get to, good choice. For me Davy I turn to either Blake’s ‘ Auguries of Innocence’ or Kipling’s ‘If’, depending if the bane that has afflicted me requires a pensive or rousing antidote.

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    • Damn Nigel, I thought I had given you the slip 🙂 I am over here Thursdays as well as on my own blog. I think your poetry would fit here in the café. Maybe give it a try with a Blackboard Special.

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