Dancing at the Go Dog Go Café

Go Dog Go Cafe (1)

Sometimes the baristas just can’t resist the beat and vibe going on in the Café. Earlier this week me and SailorPoet (or is it SailorPoet and I?) let the music run away with us and oh how we danced.

Across a table
Coffee aromas inspire
Poetic dancing.

Dancing poems paint walls
Blank no more with words demand
Heard demand more words

Driving a heartbeat
Foxtrot, Tango, a Polka?
Dance in this moment.

Dance, dance
Just dance
Let the words
Become the Moment
The moment the words.

And in the passing
will be forever, etched
on the papers of time.

Grab a barista, a coffee, a pen, anyone or anything in the Go Dog GO Café and dance. We would love to see it.

43 thoughts on “Dancing at the Go Dog Go Café

  1. em it was a lovely poem, so happy and light but the thought of you and Sailorpoet dancing gave a serious case of the giggles! I loved this Davy, and S – you both did a lovely duet – ok the giggles are coming back!! I am just checking up on all posts and comments, this is my first for the cafe, such fun since I have been away!

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  2. Hey Hey! Mr. D!! Look at that, our first dance, how sweet. Now we gotta get that “S” poem going again… or is it time for a D?

    Dropped dimes dissemble down drains
    Dawning days dance double daps

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