10th June – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Cafe


Always room for one more!

Welcome to the Go Dog Go Café

Come sit with Me

Hello everyone!

Isn’t it exciting that we finally have our own café to hang out in?!

Come sit with me. This is a safe place for you to write and be heard. For here no one judges you, they listen and appreciate your story. There’s always room fro one more!

The start of this week saw the café come to life and the baristas are all familiar names by now; Amanda, Christine, Chuck, Davy D, Sangbad, S Francis and Vanessa. They are truly amazing people and talented writers and you can read some their work posted here (or on their own blogs) as we continue to journey and encourage each other.

Since I have had too much sugar this week I am opting for a flat white, lots of warm milk to complement my mood! And I feel really warm inside!

Café is full, tables have been pushed together to accommodate more faces and names. This week I want to chat about some of the people that have been with me since the start of my blogging journey. The baristas at the café are all new friends except for Amanda; we go way back to writing flash fiction stories and she’s the brilliant voice behind soulful poetry and contemplative stories, so yes Mandibelle16,  as I have known her for some time now, we have traveled far on this blogging journey and your company has been very rewarding.

Before I start introducing the new faces I want to tell you about a little story. My favourite word in the whole wide world is Serendipity, I saw it in a sentence one day and fell in love permanently! The origin of this word comes from the Persian fairytale “The Three Princes of Serendip”. Aristocrat Horace Walpole read the book and came up with the phrase “of always making discoveries by accident and sagacity of things we are not in quest of. These are the moments we do not forget” – Serendipity.

The consequence of serendipity is sometimes one of great discovery.

This is my cafe chat this week.

I never knew that this word would have such meaning in my life.

When I started blogging, I wrote because I needed the words to come out, I never bothered if they were read by anyone as it was my way of healing, finding myself after years of suppressing the real me. Along the way people found me, in my tiny corner, hiding from the world and coaxed me into the light.

Serendipity – I found lovely new friends, well they found me first technically!

Sadly, some of these people no longer blog or write and some have even changed so much over a short period of time, I hardly recognize them anymore. They have withdrawn from my life, the gentleness they once offered me replaced by indifference or sarcasm at times. I blamed myself, I thought it was me, that they did not like me as a person, but then I realized that was not important at all! I needed to like me! I read the Derek Walcott’s poem Love After Love  and that opened my eyes. A narcissistic person feeds of my soul and I could not let that continue, while we might still remain friends, I am wary of getting too close. I learned to handle those toxic relationships.

Serendipity – As I learned to love myself better I became a better judge of character.

But there were friends who not only drew me out to the light but became the light in my life. One such person who is just as a flamboyant introvert as me is the other half of our broken star. He has been the wind under my wings, the mirror to my pond, the wizard to the lizard, the person who gives me enormous emotional support like no other, knowing when to send me stuff to read and pick me up off the floor of my own self-pity. I have written poems and stories about him I think he is dead fed up by now with all the attention, but I would not give it to any other person. He is my friend for all seasons, Mark Ryan from Havoc and Consequence,  a man of colourful and rhythmic thoughts, drawing words from places deep in his soul and blessing us with his precious gems. He is a published author  and writes brilliant poetry  but I love his stories ! He is a generous soul and not only supports me but also a few others we have had the privilege to get to know on this journey of writing and life.

Serendipity – two fish who hate fish found each other!

Where does this ramble bring me? On your blogging and writing journey you will meet all types of people, know the ones that give authenticity to your life and not drain away your spirit. Be with those who give value to your being. Wise words from my friend Mark Ryan!

A person that has brought a lot of good things to my life is my own country man, his name is Ally L Mare  and we have meet and exchanged books and will meet again, at poetry open mics, cultural festivals or just having coffee, Ally has been a blessing in my life. He sent me my first typewritten letter. He helped me put my Sweet Whispers book together, painstakingly telling me what to do. Thank you Ally for being so patient with me and guiding me. I owe you a zillion coffees!! Ally writes lovely Daily Prompts and has also published books ,  I am so proud to know you Ally! He is quiet and humble but has a lot of inner strength. Get to know Ally better, he is a lovely friend!

People who share generously never ask for anything in return, well maybe a private and personal acknowledgement of their contribution. No loud speakers or fanfare but due recognition. One of the reasons I stayed silent for a long time was because the thoughts and ideas I shared were often used by those stronger and louder than me. Hurt and bruised at such betrayal I walked away, I never stood up for myself, someone took my words and ideas and made them theirs without a single mention. I forgave but forgetting is hard. I have learnt instead to now speak up.

Serendipity – from a broken relationship I had to be strong and stood up for me.

I became bold, I joined a book club, went to an open mic and spoke, spilled my ink, I got my words out into the world through publishing. While the person who trashed my friendship still struggles with personal demons, he has set all mine free. Ah Serendipity indeed!!

Café chats aren’t always rosy and sweet, but so is life and this week, hard truths need to be told.

One of those truths are about me.

For I am not a strong woman. Some people may argue this point but hear me out. I am not a strong woman because I choose not to be, I am not weak either, I want to be fearless and kind. To me strong is somehow associated with being tough and mean. And I am neither. I am gentle in spirit and kind to everyone I met. But kindness and gentleness often get mistaken for weakness so I understand when people say, don’t be weak, be strong! Someone told me something this week and I love him so much for appreciating me in this way, he said a woman’s soft heart is as powerful as strong arms that fight wars. In a moment of intense passion, he said to me words that echoed my deepest belief in myself, that in my softness and gentleness, kindness will triumph.

So I refuse to be a strong woman, I want to be fearless and kind.

Serendipity – in not looking for love, but looking to love myself, then real love found me.

And one person I met on this blogging journey who is also fearless and kind is my sweet Alexis Rose.  Writing hard truths and revealing her soul for us to see and read through her autobiography. Her book Untangled is amazing and I urge you to get a copy. A story of real courage and resilience that I take much strength from. Alexis and I, we chat and we empower and encourage each other. We cry some days but laugh more on others. Read one of her moving pieces here.

Last but not least is my soul sister, Jade M Wong!   We clicked from the word go! We love the same TV series and have amicably decided not to fall for the same actor and man! But that is easy as we have different tastes! We talk about anything and everything and she brings my blogging journey to a full circle, a completeness you only find with finding one of your soulmates. Jade, you know my heart like no one else, you give me much joy just being in my universe. Jade writes the most amazing love poetry, of love and hope and joyful celebration.

Serendipity – meeting amazing people halfway across the world who have an even bigger story to tell. Then finding out you both have similar cultural origins!

And if you continue to hang out at this café, you will have such a journey, just like the “3 Princes of Serendip”, and you will write your story and share it here and the baristas at the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café will take your story and tell it to the world.

Watch out for upcoming Café Prompts where you can participate in challenges and also Open Mic night. We have a contributors section called Blackboard Specials! And our first contributor Aurora Phoenix!

Lots of exciting things coming up on the menu!

All virtual of course. The baristas are hard at work mixing and getting things just right for you!

Thank you for reading this. I am so happy to share this with all of you.

Love and Hope,

Gina @ Singledust

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