Make Me Yours Again

Good morning Patrons!

I want to share a powerful poem by one of my favorite poets and people. This poem speaks the words we all feel or have felt inside as we walked through those doors. Maybe we are not the You being looked for in this poem, but we are A you that can hold the hand of another in moments like this and say, “you are not alone, I am here, I will listen.”

Spend some time with Midwest Fantasy Writes today and this week and beyond, her poems are beautiful and often more than a little stimulating!

Look for a sort of collaboration of sorts in the near future.


Midwest Fantasy Writes

Make meMake me yours again.

Make me the object of everything you ever wanted.

Make me weak in the knees, wanting to fall at your feet.

Make me feel like this body is a garden you will tend with perfect care.

Make me safe being by my side as we walk into the night.

Make me know you are proud because I am by your side.

Make me smile into your face because your arms are around me.

Make me giggle because you twirl me with the beat of some silly song.

Make me brave as you cheer me on for some new adventure.

Make me warm on the couch cuz you just want to cuddle.

Make me laugh in the morning because you come out and sing me a song.

Make me dance by playing my favorite music even if it’s not yours.

Make me drunk with words that profess…

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3 thoughts on “Make Me Yours Again

  1. second chances and another opportunity to right wrongs all falling beautifully into a warm and secure love- just as I mentioned on your original post – things I don’t want to take for granted ever again. This was so sweet and loving, my toes are tingling!!

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