set me on fire

in honour of, and grateful for, the inspiration of these blogging friends


un numbered and cornered in that place of my mind

I’ve backed myself in unintentionally blind

I can’t seem to turn now, and up became down

intrinsically twisting and hanging from nouns



nonsensical, grey.

my mind points at things that have nothing to say.

But then came a spark, its direction not seen

from ironical hands out of minds full of green.

the verdancy bursting, and tuned in a key

that resuscitates breathing from disharmony.

Friendship so gentle but kindled to burn

this coffee’s delicious,

what a great place to yearn…

31 thoughts on “set me on fire

  1. Vanessa,

    One of my personal projects is reading Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet – a brilliant series of ten letters written by one of the great German poets, one of my very favorites along with Neruda and Frost. He writes in the first couple of letters about tuning out the outside world and turning inside to listen and learn if you MUST write. Connecting this to Yeats, who writes about seeing God or something divine where others do not, and we have the poet.

    Someone who MUST write, feels compelled to communicate for the things who have “nothing” to say, for the people who cannot speak, for the beauty we so desperately need in this world to hold us when the sadness wants to consume us.

    SO happy to hold you in the light with the others here and want to welcome many, many more. As I wrote to you yesterday, the violent, irrational death of one human harms us all in ways that cannot be healed, but we have these words and we can share the coffee to help our souls weave together with a Love that will be more powerful than any hate ever could imagine.


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    • This is really interesting S. I think most writers know, from a young age? And it’s not even conscious then necessarily, it’s just something that happens, that we get joy from, and release. I love the creativity of it and the challenge, and like you said, finding ways to express things when others cannot either. But then the power of community when I can’t find the words etc. Iron does sharpen iron. And I believe we were created for community. So much of our health depends on it.
      I am in two minds about looking deeply inside. I think it depends what it is for…
      I have to go but this could be a great conversation!

      And thank you for your lovely words. Yes, I agree.

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      • Let it be a great conversation! My week has been crazy with a work conference in Norfolk consuming every last minute of free time. Let’s keep this line of conversation going though and let it guide a post in the GDG sometime soon!?

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