Come sit with me dear friend

I wrote this piece last December for a friend and thought it would fit nicely on this site. I was going to change the name because of the similar name on Gina’s recent posts, but decided it reflects perfectly the kindred spirit we’ve found here. We are all so different with different stories, but we respect each other and hope you will feel welcome here too! Vanessa



“They I said it wouldn’t happen again,

this flooding”

a sight not to be seen for another __ years.

“My ears filling with expert voices

trapping the scurrying feelings

insecting in the inescaping

infecting the elucidating”

nourishing the swell

between us –

your eyes telling me

under the indiscriminate trees,

which are as beautiful within the flood as without.

smiling in the sudden illumination…

16 thoughts on “Come sit with me dear friend

  1. So much GDG symbolism in this! The flood. The tree. The necessity of companionship to hold us in our time of need. I loved this when I first read it and love it more to see how well it brings together so much that is so important to the Cafe.

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    • haha I see what you did there! Nice.
      Thanks, Steve!!
      Do you want to submit a piece, Steve? We have a Fiction category. I know you’re busy but I would love to see what you could come up with…no pressure. 🙂

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      • Very welcome, Vanessa. I do like GDG, not just the name 🙂 what you’re doing and the friendly atmosphere. Here comes the but. What I do is sell original short fiction and poetry to semi-professional and professional publishing markets. So far this year due to unavoidable slackness I’ve only written a bit of poetry and sold a couple of poems.

        However non-new stuff is a completely different story hahaha, for example, my blog or stuff I’ve already sold and the rights have reverted to me (can happen in a year or whatever). If you filter out violence and look for very short fiction there’s only one story anyway: “Lighter than Claire” (1700 words) . I really have to fix my web site, I can’t find my own publications. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, anyway, from the way I understand DGD, republishing this wouldn’t really suit, in any case I’m happy to offer. 🙂

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      • Wow Steve, I just read this story. I love it. And who would have guessed there were hilarious moments 🙂 Intriguing, your mind is truly intriguing. Thank you for the offer! I will pass it on.

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