3rd June – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go TreeTop Cafe


caramel macchiato at the cafe

Welcome to the Go Dog Go Treetop Café

I order a caramel macchiato today, for I need some sugar! I see friends gathered around the table, smiling shaking hands, the circle has widened I note happily, we are blessed to have each other on this journey.

So happy to announce the first Café Collaboration in two parts, S Francis  our cafe host is the brilliant mind behind these two wonderful pieces. His imagination and pure talent combines the pieces from each poet then added his own magic and connected the two parts. I love his ability to make poetry come alive like this!

Solving Lonely Winter Nights

Spring Responds to Winter Loneliness

So I get my coffee and stop and say hello to Charles, The Reluctant Poet, who seems not so reluctant anymore from all the love poems he has been posting! I am always blessed by your firm support and sweet words. This week Davy D composed a lyrical and most creative poem as a tribute to Charles’s work, check it out here. You see at the café there’s lots of support for each other.

Then I must say a warm hello to Sangbad, who has been a friend and fellow writer that encourages me so much. Always has my back, reading and commenting on my poetry format – he knows I am still a beginner here and many a time saved me from humiliation and making big blunders – I so love my Mr. Romantic Poet’s heart and the value he gives to my writing, always the eagle eyes and that he reads and appreciates my work by being brutally honest makes him a very special person to me. We have collaborated on some poetry work, always spontaneous, me on my lunch break and he still at work, a kind of camaraderie in our lonely days, reaching out and creating a love story. We are taking a short break but will be back soon! Please read this post here – and see the masculinity of his strong words. Then go read all his other love poems and swoon!

Smiling so sweetly from behind her book is PS the Storyteller, she writes the most beautiful haikus, something I struggle with as you all know I love to write lots of words and long sentences!! But I want to get as good as she is, I read this one and fell in love with her strength as a writer and a beautiful storyteller.  Spend some time sifting through her poems , you won’t be disappointed!

Oh! Before I can take a sip of my coffee I see a wave from Davy D – the wisdom from his words helps me see clarity in my sometimes too bright equatorial world, he writes about a humdrum day – – and don’t we all have them, but if you read his words you will see how he captures so subtly the beauty in the ordinary that escapes so many of us. I enjoy Davy’s writing for he always makes the obvious beautiful.

And of course dear Vanessa  who is my place of refuge in a storm, read her beautiful poem of a young life that continues to give even after it has left the earth and a family that is stronger by sharing love and support – you must read her post here – MORE. About ordinary heroes! Yes, just like you and me!

I look around the table and see other faces I am happy to get to know here, there’s Roland from Roland’s Ragbag – and his poem on memories half truths – touched me, for childhood memories are what inspires us to write today, memories from our youth the fuel for a new story that links the chain between people and lives, telling a story enlarges our humanity and that’s what I got from reading Roland’s words.

And that brings me to the question why we write?

Joan Didion says “we tell ourselves stories in order to live” but my other favourite writer (who I believe every word he says!), says this – “perhaps we live in order to tell our stories”!! I would go with Gabriel Garcia Marquez! But both persons have truth in their words, depending where you are in your point in life either one will resonate with you. Whatever said we must tell our stories! Or one day we will leave this earth and take our stories with us. I shudder at the thought and promise myself to not delay putting together my Tales From the Equator collection so I never lose my father and grandfather’s stories.

And by reading others telling stories, I met a writer that writes from the heart and I have enjoyed our new connection but one I know will grow strong through the love of writing and blogging. My first follower from Twitter! Jerry is The Backyardpoet,  drop by and read his beautiful story about his dad  and this was the foundation of my café chat this week. Any stories about a dad captures me for I loved my dad fiercely. Especially a dad who has stories to tell. Jerry can write with candor and also with humour. I am lifted up and smiling whenever I read his words. Read this is if you want to know Jerry better – Voices in My Head. Jerry this is kind of a shy invite for you to come join us at the table!

And I never fail to be impressed with Christine and her writing, her poems are raw and mighty, her song of the day reminds me I too have another story to write! Christine, I read that all artists have a responsibility to light, to be a light, to shine a light and reflect light of others, you embody all this in your poetry and sharing. Love that I had a chance to hear your voice recordings! You guys need to take a moment and listen to her!!

The café is also a place we gather to inspire and also offer support, I would like to highlight this special person whose daughter has just lost a young friend. Read Mich’s account  of this beautiful young soul that succumbed to cancer, something close to my heart as I work with these resilient and beautiful souls every day and it’s not easy saying good bye to a burning light. Mich I am sorry for you and your daughter’s loss, be comforted by the arms that I wrap around you and knowing that Zoe is free from pain, no longer chained to medications and subject to invasion of her personal space. Rejoice, she has her second chance.

I want to introduce two lovely ladies to the café, both named Angela, one I have come you know very closely and one that I am getting to know better!

Angela from Heartbreathings is a talented poet and warmest human you will have the luxury of meeting, yes luxury, for to me her words are like spun silk, fresh water pearls and satin covered words. I could spend all day reading her poems and her musings. We share many common interests, books being one of them and also having daughters we see growing up before our eyes. We connected over book titles, most recently both crying over “The Light Between Oceans”, Angela shares her passion with me and I am blessed to have her blog to read when I need some soul pampering. Her post that I love so much is She May – Angela so tenderly tells you what a woman’s heart wants to say. Oh! so many more, you need a rainy afternoon, a cup of your special brew and a window to look out from and then settle to read her poetry.

The other Angela is Angela from The Abundant Heart  . I adore her ottava rima –  and what she writes about her children is just so precious.

Tanya Cliff  is an amazing poetess and beautiful lady both inside and out, I have followed Tanya for some time now even before the café was open for business, and have found great inspiration in her writing. One haiku stands out for me and I hope it gives you a taste of her verdant beauty.

I hope you are inspired by each other as you visit each other’s blogs and read the stories, the poems, the funny, the serious and the sad. All these make us human and we share the stories because we have a responsibility to light.

Hope & Love


5 thoughts on “3rd June – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go TreeTop Cafe

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  2. One of the first of what I hope are MANY regular weekly-ish posts from Gina as she tells us about what she has found inspiring in the cafe and as she invites more people to the bar. Gina’s kindness is a benchmark we all look to for inspiration.

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.



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