27th May – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Cafe


Monday writing at coffee shop

Sitting in a café reading and writing is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t get a chance to do this often enough. Last Monday morning was the rare occasion I managed it and it was such a lovely time. I will make extra effort to do it again on a regular basis.

But I was alone in that café, and while the solitude made for good writing and reflection having a group of friends to share it with is equally fulfilling to a writer, poet or even just a book lover like me.

I am fortunate that I have another “Café” I can go to without planning to take time off work. It’s a very friendly place filled with warm, talented and inspiring people I am privileged to sit with and have a coffee and chat.

That Café is accessible to anyone who wants to be part of building a healthy and supportive writing community. It’s the inception of S Francis the Sailorpoet and his Café the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café  has attracted many like-minded souls as we journey together writing and finding our voice in the world.

Em and S are the first people at the Café when I get there, they have a special bond, sharing a love for music and poetry and two very creative souls in the writing they produce, pause at their blogs to sample some beautifully haunting words.

Read PoetGirlEm’s“Walk with Me” and feel the soul of a poet who embraces the hurts with such passion and writes this piece that speaks out on so many different levels, of loss and of trying to understand that loss, and we can’t do it alone  we need the support of friends who understand our grief and our need to be in a safe place while we sort ourselves out.

S pulls together a group of eclectic personalities I would never have had the opportunity to meet hiding in my own little corner of the coffee shop. There’s a gentle pull from this group that makes me inch closer to the warmth of the circle of friends gathered at the table.

Davy D brought a new book to the café and I love being introduced to a new book or writer! In his post “Where Poppies Blow” he takes a few lines from a recent interview I did with another amazing writer Mandibelle, (thank you Davy for the mention!) and the essence of this new book he is reading. He talks about writing from a place deep inside you each time you put pen to paper, like it was the last poem or story you will ever write. I thank Davy for giving life to my words and also the words of the soldiers from that book. Davy is just lovely, always a joy to see his friendly wave at the café and his wisdom and humour. If you drop by Davy D  you will see his inspiring quotes and take on life.

May has always been a difficult time for me, things culminate in May and I am often unable to cope with the weight of memories and emotions, and this is the time I am the most reckless, with my words and my actions and hurt a lot of people around me. Unable to talk about a lot of the things I am trying to process and just get through the days makes me a very confusing person to be with, in trying to keep everything under control I lose parts of myself in my unkindness to others. I become a person I don’t like to be with. I even blame the Supermoon in Gemini for my craziness! It takes reading others words and their grief that puts me back on course. That’s the core value of this Cafe.

This week we rallied together to support both Em and S as they dealt with personal loss, read two very moving accounts that left me in tears each time I went back to the words, but tears are good, when you need to feel human again.

Skeleton Tree, When the bough Breaks – Sailorpoet

No Dream – PoetGirlem

Vanessa at saynotoclowns  wrote a very moving piece about life and death. That shook up me out of my self-pity. Vanessa is the friend I would sit next to at the café for her quiet strength and warmth calms me as my shoulder touches hers. If you need a pick me up story or song, visit V!

While I was contemplating writing this Christine at Brave and Reckless wrote the most delightful response poem “First Timer” to Sailorpet’s invite to the café – “In the Café” – Christine is a force! That’s how I see her, as she creates and encourages new writers, discovers hidden talent and makes a valuable contribution to this community. Her writing prompts has seen such a huge response, this I believe mainly due to just her being her, the person behind the blog. Christine in real life I would never have the courage to speak to you, so I am glad we have this Café or I would never have met such a brave and fearless soul.

There are others, beautiful writers and real people I have met since this café came to life and I will write more next week. I will introduce some of them to you here first though.

Sangbad – my Romantic Poet he writes strong and sensual love poetry. He is like my very own Pablo Neruda with his passionate words.

PS  – the beautiful Storyteller – she weaves such beauty with her words I am often left sighing. Her haikus are gems!

And Charles The Reluctant Poet – he writes the loveliest words of love and longing, bringing me back to a time when love was simpler and gentler, who I am always happy to see “champion” all the writing I do. He sprinkles me with gold stars and I float.

So welcome to the Café, get your favourite drink, grab a chair and join the lovely people meeting here and be part of a growing community spreading love, peace and hope.

Hope & Love,



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